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This formulary is the online version of the Wellington ICU Drug Manual developed by Drs.Paul Young & Alex Psirides for use in the Intensive Care Unit of Wellington Regional Hospital. It has been specifically developed for use on portable devices (smartphones & tablets) at the bedside.

It is based on the Third Edition of the printed manual which is also available as a PDF for offline usage. The manual was originally developed in 2011 as a reference aid for the medical & nursing staff of Wellington ICU and reflects common ICU practice, both local and elsewhere.

On occasion, doses, methods of administration and indications may differ from those given in the product information.

Clinical responsibility for the choice, dose, route & frequency of any medication always remains with the prescribing doctor. The authors of the Wellington ICU Drug Manual & this website are not responsible for any errors that may arise from the use of these resources.

All doses have been checked independently by two Intensive Care Specialists. However, if you suspect an error is present, please check data with alternative sources and notify the editor below.
Prices have been included to inform prescribing choices where intravenous or enteral routes of administration are equivocal.
For example, the intravenous preparation of Acetazolamide costs 250 times that of a single tablet (bioavailability >90%). For more information, see Appendix 7.
Wellington ICU Drug Manual 2019
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Wellington ICU Drug Manual
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